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Kommentare zu Bildern von Brian Ormerod

Two Wengernalpbahn (WAB) trains waiting to depart Kleine Scheidegg for Grindelwald on 3rd September 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 20:01
That's He 2/2
Best Greetings

Peter Ackermann 11.8.2023 11:27
What a marvellous picture! I like the view of that shunter waiving his arm. On the right-hand edge of this picture we can see one of the two brown (instead of green) first-class coaches built in 1912 in anticipation of a visit by the German emperor (with never materialised). As for locomotive no. 56, it is still active and in good condition as Schynige Platte Railway no. 16. Greetings from Peter

A SBB locomotive at Interlaken Ost. Taken late August 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 19:59
Hello Brian,
this is not a BLS loco, this is the SBB Ae 3/6 III No. 10262 (Swiss Federal Railways).
Best Greetings

Olli 4.8.2023 1:29
Hello Brian,

welcome to this place specialized on Swiss Trains.

Thanks a lot for those wonderful fotos depicting trains from past times. They look very exiting.

Cheers, Olli

Peter Ackermann 9.8.2023 21:50
This is a very rare picture, as these locomotived (Ae 3/6 III) did not usually work to Interlaken, which was normally served only by Ae 4/7 (or BLS engines). I am wondering whether the first coach is a special coach owned by a tourist train company. Greetings from Peter

Brian Ormerod 10.8.2023 15:01
Peter, a very interesting comment about a tourist train. We travelled as part of a package holiday organised through British Rail who my father worked with. I know we travelled by sleeper train. I cannot say when this particular photo was taken but IF it was our return train then it would be a sleeper bound for France and the English channel.

An 800mm gauge BOB locomotive of the Schynige Platte railway. Photographed at Wilderswil station in late August 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 19:43
This is a He 2/2.
Best Greetings

Peter Ackermann 9.8.2023 22:05
A lovely historical photograph. Here this loco was still on loan from the Wengernalpbahn WAB, later becoming Schynige Platte Railway no. 17. It was repainted in the standard reddish-brown of the SPB and scrapped in 1997. Peter

A BLS loco taken by my father at Interlaken Ost in late August 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 19:13
Hello Brian,
a wonderful stock image.
It is the BLS Ae 4/4 - 254 (Ae 415).
Best Greetings

Olli 4.8.2023 1:39
That is also some very beautiful cars behind this locomotive.

Peter Ackermann 9.8.2023 21:46
By the way, this locomotive was joined to no. 253 to become Ae 8/8 274. The end came in 1995 when 274 was scrapped. Peter

A railcar set photographed on 4th September 1962 at Mulenen station. It is waiting to depart to Spiez. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 19:53
Hello Brian,
a wonderful stock image.
This is an SEZ BCFe 4/8 "Blauer Pfeil / Blue Arrows " (Spiez-Erlenbach-Zweisimmen-Bahn, later BLS).
Best Greetings

Stefan Wohlfahrt 6.8.2023 17:45
Hello Brian, Hallo Armin,
nach der Umbezeichnung 1962 wird dies wohl der ABDe 4/8 741 sein. A very nice picture from Mülenen. Auch beachtenswert die Fahrleitungsanlage jener Zeit.
Best Greetings

A Jungfraubach train ready to depart Kleine Scheidegg on 3rd September 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 20:47
Two JB BDhe 2/4 with Bt (Control car)
Here Bt/BDhe 2/4 + Bt/BDhe 2/4

Wilderswil station with a BOB locomotive and goods train. Taken in August 1962 (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 20:23
This is BOB HGe 3/3 - 25

A single car unit of the Berner Oberland Bahn (BOB) standing at Interlaken Ost in late August 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 20:21
This is BOB ABDeh 4/4 - 301

The Brienz-Rothorn railway on 31st August 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 20:19
Yes, it's still running today, that's the coal-fired BRB 6, an H 2/3 geared steam locomotive (800 mm)
Best Greetings

Two different Jungfraubahn (JB) trains at Kleine Scheidegg on 3rd Septeber 1962. (zum Bild)

Armin Schwarz 3.8.2023 20:05
Jungfraubahn is a Rack railway (Zahnradbahn)
Best Greetings

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